• Joseph Miranda

    Joseph Miranda, Vice President of Operations for Geranda Projects, has been the man behind the scenes since its founding. Joe has a love for photography and is often on the scene to photograph or videotape presentations given by his wife, Lucille, the Founder. After receiving his Master’s degree in 2006 from Mercy College, he became an adjunct professor at his alma mater teaching in its School of Business Departments of Organizational Leadership & Management, Corporate & Homeland Security and currently is a lecturer and the program coordinator in the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences’ Department of Criminal Justice. In addition to his teaching, Joe mentors his students providing academic and career advice. Joe had a 36-year career of devoted service to the Westchester County Department of Corrections where he retired as Deputy Commissioner in January 2007. He started as a Correction Officer in 1971 and worked his way up through the ranks to the second in command in the Department. Joe’s teaching and mentoring experience coupled with his management and diverse leadership skills provide a unique perspective to Geranda Projects, especially his knowledge of implementing visionary plans.

    Joe is a member of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce and the Circolo Da Vinci organization in Yorktown Heights. He serves on the board of the Circolo da Vinci and is a member of its scholarship committee. Because Geranda Projects advocates that active board participation is needed to run an effective organization, Joe is a great asset to the Circolo.