• Board Engagement – Strengthening Nonprofit Boards

    Active board participation is needed to run an effective development program. Geranda Projects will lead the effort to improve and strengthen your Board’s overall effectiveness that include Board Infrastructure, Governance, Self-Examination, Structure, Responsibilities and Engagement.

    Development is not a stand-alone function and is an investment in building philanthropic support from the community. A strong, engaged and active board is critical to the long-term success of any nonprofit organization. It is crucial to engage the nonprofit board to understand their role:

    • Set organizational direction
    • Provide oversight
    • Understand and advocate your mission
    • Be willing to invest their time, talent and financial resources for the long term
    • Understand how funds are used to fulfill the mission and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through an integrated plan

    Geranda Projects is ready to lead the process of Getting your Board on Board!