• Assessment & Program Development

    Serving an unmet need in the marketplace, Geranda Projects offers its vast, integrated experience to help nonprofit organizations develop strategic and fund development plans. From implementing visionary plans that include a development assessment or development plan, board development, governance and building organizational capacity, we understand that organizations need guidance to address these skill intensive projects.

    Geranda Projects is an effective and knowledgeable nonprofit consultancy that is familiar with the legal, social, and organizational aspects of the nonprofit world’s landscape. We are experts in identifying the opportunities available to nonprofits, the pitfalls that typically occur with a nonprofit organization, and the strategies that make our clients’ causes responsive and impactful.

    We are ready to help build philanthropy and community relations from the very heart of your mission. We will work with you to develop a fully-integrated plan that includes:

    • Assessing the climate
    • Identifying and analyzing your internal and external audiences
    • Preparing a flexible action plan, focusing on the immediate need, serving as the basis for a healthy fund development program