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    Why Hire A Nonprofit Consultant?

    Geranda Projects is an effective and knowledgeable nonprofit consultant that is familiar with the legal, social, and organizational aspects of the nonprofit world’s landscape. We are experts in identifying the opportunities available to nonprofits in Westchester County, Putnam County, Orange County, Dutchess County, and Rockland County in New York. In addition, we understand the pitfalls that typically occur and the strategies that make their client’s  responsive and impactful.

    How can a nonprofit consultant help us?

    Administering a nonprofit is sophisticated and time-consuming work. Perhaps your organization needs guidance in hiring a staff? Does your organization need expert fundraising and financial management advice? Maybe your cause needs to focus on a specific need that is unmet in your community? An effective and professional nonprofit consultant like the team members at Geranda Projects listens to their clients’ most important concerns and considerations. We have been helping nonprofit organizations fill their organizational needs and achieve their fundraising goals with responsive and responsible guidance and advice for their customers.

    What kind of help does your nonprofit need?

    A few quick questions can help focus the need for a nonprofit consultant into key areas of effort:

    • What needs do you need help with? Focusing on the immediate need can keep efforts effective and goals achievable.
    • What is the first thing to do? Determining the issue that needs intervention will help define the solution.
    • What will be different? After the consultant has supported and driven the effort toward change, what will the organization look like and will it function differently?
    • What qualifications are needed in a consultant? It is easier to match a nonprofit consultants’ skills with needs once the goal is defined and the need identified.

    Working through this list can help a nonprofit keep from wandering and foundering in their inefficiencies and keep the goal visible and achievable.

    What kind of consultant should you hire?

    Determining what type of help your nonprofit organization needs is the first step to hiring a nonprofit consultant. Are you in need of advice? Guidance and training? Full out support? Geranda Projects has more than 30 years’ experience helping organizations effectively achieve their goals and manage their organizations responsibly and efficiently. When hiring a nonprofit consultant, consider these points:

    1. Does the consultant have experience with your type of nonprofit? Do they understand your cause?
    2. Does your consultant share your organization’s culture and ethics?
    3. Do they share your passion for your organization’s goals?
    4. What are their qualifications?
    5. Are they able to be flexible and responsive to change?

    How can Geranda Projects help us?

    Geranda Projects in Westchester County is your freelance partner for developing and managing strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations – your launch specialist and troubleshooter. We offer its vast, integrated experience to develop, implement and manage fund development strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations. From implementing visionary plans to building organizational capacity and community awareness, we understand that organizations often need assistance or guidance to address these skill intensive projects. We are ready to help build philanthropy and community relations from the very heart of your mission. Talk to us about:

    • Assessment and Program Development
    • Mentoring – Providing the Tools to Succeed
    • Community Awareness and Social Enrichment
    • Board Engagement – Strengthening Not-for-Profit Boards

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    The professional team at Geranda Projects have experience as a nonprofit consultant for those that live in or work near the New York area. If you have questions pertaining to nonprofit consulting, management, strategic planning and fundraising consulting in Westchester County, Dutchess County,  Putnam County, Rockland County, and Orange County, contact Geranda Projects at: (914) 788-5319.