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    Experience over Passion

    A nonprofit organization is typically born of personal experience and a passion for the cause. Those involved in the cause of a nonprofit are many times driven by the emotions stirred by the condition or effort, have had nonprofit experience with the specific hardship or situation that often a has been established to address, and have a goal of remediating the situation for the community at large. Geranda Projects in Westchester County, as well as Dutchess county, Putnam County, Rockland County, and Orange County, has been the right hand that many organizations rely on to help navigate their not-for-profit effort through the legal, social, and regulatory landscapes of the not-for-profit business world.


    Most nonprofit organizations in Westchester County begin their missions with passion and commitment and a goal of fulfilling an outstanding need within a community. Those who have experienced a situation most deeply very often are the ones to envision a solution, share the goal, and encourage the participation of interested stakeholders. Their shared passion has brought them together and energized their effort. This is where a nonprofit organization is born. Moving forward effectively and successfully toward a goal, however, more often relies on acumen more than emotion and experience over passion.


    Geranda Projects is the freelance partner for developing and managing strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations. Geranda Projects has more than thirty years of nonprofit experience in corporate public affairs, not-for-profit management, academia, volunteer leadership, and consulting. They have the experience to lead nonprofit organization development teams and to implement visionary plans to increase financial support and community awareness, build relationships with key stakeholders, and plan and orchestrate special events. Professional coordination of nonprofit efforts and events with Geranda Projects means that experience and professionalism is advising a organization born of passion and commitment.


    Not-for-profit organizations exist in a land between established government service organizations and active private-sector businesses. Establishing a presence and the credibility of a nonprofit organization’s mission and goals. This requires effectively partnering with these entities to synergize and join efforts. Geranda Projects offers its integrated experience to develop, implement, and manage fund development strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations. We have the relationships and working experience with public, academic, and social organizations alike. Thus, we can focus attention on causes. Furthermore, support the efforts of growing and established not-for-profit organizations to achieve their goals.

    Geranda Projects helps their client organizations with

    •    Assessment and Program Development
    •    Mentoring – Providing the Tools to Succeed
    •    Community Awareness and Social Enrichment
    •    Board Engagement – Strengthening Not-for-Profit Boards

    Don’t let passion for a goal get in the way of the planning and execution. This is important for experienced organizations to maintain to function effectively. Geranda Projects, led by Lucille Geraci-Miranda, understands that those factors go hand-in-hand in the nonprofit world. We will bring a fresh perspective while recognizing and respecting each organization’s culture. In addition, we will mentor, educate, and guide nonprofit organizations in the process. That way, they can give their clients the tools to succeed and inspire them to reach their greatest potential.


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