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    Why Leadership Matters

    Geranda Projects knows the value of leadership in creating and running a successful nonprofit organization in New York, including areas of Dutchess County, Putnam County, rockland County, and Northern Westchester. Regulations, restrictions, and laws can make a labyrinth of the landscape in which a nonprofit needs to thrive. It’s not just important, but vital that a New York nonprofit organization operate effectively and responsibly, and with knowledge of what the varied legal and regulatory agencies require of them. We are experienced in helping the leadership of nonprofit organizations achieve their goals while building a robust presence in their communities.

    Leadership by Example

    Headed by Lucille Geraci Geranda, Geranda Projects is the expert freelance partner for developing and managing strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations in New York. We offer its vast, integrated experience to develop, implement and manage fund development strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations. From implementing visionary plans to building organizational capacity and community awareness, Geranda Projects understands the importance of leadership. We also understand that organizations often need assistance or guidance to address these skill-intensive projects. With this in mind, we will mentor, inform, and guide you in the process of establishing and running a nonprofit organization. Most importantly, teach you the tools needed to succeed and drive your organization to reach its greatest potential.

    We have helped nonprofit organizations implement visionary plans to increase financial support and community awareness. As a result, they build relationships with key stakeholders and plan and orchestrate special events. We work in synchronization and support of the organization’s leadership to inform, advise, and guide their leadership to success. 

    What we provide

    Assessment and Program Development

    We will assess the current business climate for your nonprofit, identify the audience, and prepare a flexible action plan, assist in implementation, and adjust the plan as needs dictate.

    Mentoring in the Tools to Succeed

    Guidance in the mission, activities, and direction.

    Community Awareness and Social Enrichment

    Building networks creates synergy and helps promote community awareness. We will help identify social networks and help develop and build relationships with key stakeholders.

    Board Engagement

    An effective nonprofit board is crucial to set the organizational direction, provide oversight, and reinforce the mission. Furthermore, they secure necessary resources for their organization to thrive and their mission to be met.

    Nonprofit organizations operate because of a need in their community. Their mission is their passion. The passionate leadership teams know that a knowledgeable and effective leadership partner. They establish, run, and grow their organization andstay in compliance with regulations. Geranda Projects has the experience and knowledge of the nonprofit world to work alongside nonprofit leadership teams. In addition, we will to lead them to an effective community presence, a dynamic development effort, and a directed mission goal.

    If you’re a nonprofit in need of leadership partners, direction in getting established, or unsure about what is required of a nonprofit organization to run effectively, consider partnering with Geranda Projects.

    “Lucille is talented and very knowledgeable in the non profit sector. If you and your organization can benefit from board development, fund development and strategic planning then call Lucille immediately.”

    -Ralph Rogers

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