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    Tips on How To Start a Nonprofit Organization

    Nonprofit organizations are often a grass-roots project started by concerned families or affected citizens. Those involved come together over a shared mission and goals. They are not interviewed and hired to fit a vacancy in a hierarchical structure as they would be in a corporate structure. So, a nonprofit often may struggle to establish itself competently and run efficiently. Geranda Projects has the and expertise to mentor, educate, and guide their clients in the process of setting up and running a nonprofit organization in New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange counties.

    Keys to Success

    Geranda Projects work with a proven toolkit of approaches to help nonprofit organizations pursue their mission and thrive while doing it. When establishing a nonprofit organization, Geranda Projects helps their clients with:
    •    Assessment and program development
    •    Community awareness and social enrichment
    •    Board engagement
    •    Mentoring

    Support and Experience

    Geranda Projects are expert in helping their nonprofit business clients:
    •    Set organizational direction
    •    Provide oversight
    •    Know the mission
    •    Ensure necessary resources
    •    Understand how funds are used to fulfill the mission
    •    Achieve positive outcomes through an integrated plan
    •    Inform and educate on the need for support

    Performance and Passion

    Geranda Projects are the expert freelance partners for developing and managing strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations. Lucille Geraci-Miranda, founder of Geranda Projects, has a diversified experience that spans more than 30 years and includes corporate public affairs, not-for-profit management, academia, volunteer leadership, and consulting.  She is skilled at crafting and implementing successful fund development programs, and has led development teams – regionally and locally – implement visionary plans to increase financial support and community awareness, build relationships with key stakeholders, and plan and orchestrate special events.

    Businesses and People

    The team at Geranda Projects has worked effectively within corporate and government structures as well as the nonprofit community. They know that a strong relationship in the community between nonprofit and for-profit concerns is a synergy that can bear extraordinary benefits for the mission and goals of the nonprofit organization. They have the experience to work professionally and efficiently in a variety of hierarchical and bureaucratic business organizations to maintain interest and participation in the cause while advancing the ultimate mission of the nonprofit. They are experts in bringing these worlds together for the benefit of their clients and their clients’ nonprofit organizations.

    Lucille has been an adjunct professor in the graduate and undergraduate programs for Media and Communication Arts at Pace University since 2005, has served as an instructor in the SUNY Purchase Fundraising Certificate Program and was co-president of the Association of Development Officers (ADO), an organization dedicated to the advancement of fundraising and philanthropy in the Hudson Valley Region. She continues to serve as a member of the ADO as well as the Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson, ARC of Westchester’s Gallery 265 Committee, the Networking Professionals of Westchester, the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber, Peekskill Rotary and Peekskill Agencies Together.

    Advice and Direction

    Geranda Projects is a trusted source of information and support to nonprofit organizations in New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange counties. They have the experience and working knowledge of the nonprofit landscape in New York State and are trusted to help their clients maximize their organization’s potential. For sensitive, responsible, and effective help in planning, establishing, or running a nonprofit organization, contact Geranda Projects at: (914) 788-5319.

    The professional team at Geranda Projects are expert in nonprofit strategic planning for those that live in or work near Hudson Valley, NY. If you have questions pertaining to nonprofit consulting, management, strategic planning and fundraising consulting in Dutchess County NY, Putnam County NY, Rockland County NY and Northern Westchester, contact Geranda Projects at:  (914) 788-5319.