• Nonprofit Strategic Plan Hudson Valley, NY

    Nonprofit Strategic Planning Hudson Valley, NY

    The National Council of Nonprofits (NCN) believes that a nonprofit strategic plan identifies strategies so that a nonprofit will achieve its mission. When the staff and board begin to engage in this process they are allowing themselves to commit to their goals which involves revisiting the organizations strategies on an ongoing basis since the organizations internal and external environments will be changing. Geranda Projects helps their clients in Hudson Valley, NY with starting the process of nonprofit strategic plan for their organization.

    What is “SWOT”?

    Many nonprofits begin the process by identifying their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which the NCN refers to as the “SWOT” analysis.

    • Strengths are positive assets with the organization to look for.
    • Weaknesses are the negative assets.
    • Opportunities are the positive elements that are outside your organization that can benefit your nonprofit.
    • Threats are the negative elements outside your organization.

    By practicing the “SWOT” analysis it’ll help your nonprofit think of ways to maximize the positives and limit the negatives when coming up with a nonprofit strategic plan for your nonprofit. Your organization’s strategic plan is a guide for its missions. It helps outline how your goals will be achieved. Geranda Projects will help with creating a strategic plan for your organization in Hudson Valley, NY.

    The professional team at Geranda Projects are expert in nonprofit strategic planning for those that live in or work near Hudson Valley, NY. If you have questions pertaining to nonprofit consulting, management, strategic planning and fundraising consulting in Dutchess County NY, Putnam County, NY, Rockland County, NY and Northern Westchester contact Geranda Projects at:  (914) 788-5319