• Nonprofit Strategic Plan Hudson Valley, NY

    Three tips to bolster the success of your nonprofit organization (and four tips on how to get help)

    1. Plan for the long term—A clear mission statement and an effective business strategy are vital to the continuing success and effectiveness of a nonprofit organization. It is necessary to have a roadmap for the organization once the initial enthusiasm of establishing the organization has passed. The organization will need a strategy to work with public officials, community organizations, donor contributions and fundraising on a continuing basis.
    2. Run it like a business— The scope and effectiveness of an organization can be readily reflected in the way it does its day-to-day business. Any effective nonprofit organization must keep detailed business operation records, up-to-date pubic filing information, and accurate financial information to be a trusted resource for the community. Organized record keeping will keep the chaos level down and attentions focused back on the nonprofit mission of the organization.
    3. Energize local support—Local attention, participation, and public engagement drive revenue for a nonprofit organization, and when these endeavors are limited or not fully promoted, the organization may suffer. The initial stages of establishing and growing a nonprofit organization are filled with passion and sights set on the lofty goals to achieve. It is important for any nonprofit organization to keep donations streaming and the level of public participation high after that passion has mellowed

    Idealist.org, the nonprofit social media site, comments that,

    “Even under the most favorable conditions, nonprofit leaders are often discouraged by how much of their energy is drawn away from “program work” into the tasks necessary for running an organization—any sort of organization—and dealing with external pressures and demands. In spite of the gratitude we all owe to the people who have built the nonprofits that sustain and enhance our communities, there are no general sources of assistance for that work and no guarantees of success.”

    Geranda Projects exists as a very needed source of assistance for nonprofit organizations in Westchester County and the Lower Hudson Valley.

    1. Geranda Projects brings its comprehensive nonprofit management experience to help organizations implement and manage development strategies, community awareness initiatives, project management and guidance, and action plans.
    2. Working with the skilled nonprofit experts of Geranda Projects often brings a fresh perspective to organizations that find they are in need of focus and vision by identifying what is uniquely effective about any organization and by helping them think “outside of the box.”
    3. Geranda Projects makes relationships with key stakeholders and influencers happen and then works to build those relationships for continued success.
    4. Guidance and participation in a nonprofit’s board activities by Geranda Projects helps organizations plan direction, provide oversight, understand and define the mission, and capitalize and build upon resources within and outside the organization.

    Geranda Projects founder Lucille Geraci-Miranda works from a background of diversified experience that spans more than thirty years and that includes corporate public affairs, not-for-profit management, academia, volunteer leadership and consulting. Consider partnering with Geranda Projects to ensure your nonprofit organization’s successful mission.