• Non Profit Consulting Peekskill

    Non-profit Consulting in Peekskill NY

    Geranda Projects located near Peekskill, New York provide strategic support and technical expertise to help organizations leverage information and technology to design and manage constituent services, expand subscriptions, engage members and improve fundraising. In other words, we fully serve in non-profit consulting.

    Why hire a consultant for your non-profit?
    Hiring a consultant for your non-profit organization can provide you with a major cushion for running your organization. Meeting with a non-profit consultant can offer a valuable external perspective that can help you as you’re growing your business.
    As an independent consultant Geranda Projects help associations, foundations, charities and businesses with an understanding of the nonprofit world, and the experience in business and operational strategy that helps to address their client’s most urgent issues.

    Some of our consulting methods of Geranda Projects include:
    Organization: Having a private or public sector organizing the strengths and weaknesses of the nonprofit as well as methods for the nonprofit to run efficiently.

    Philanthropy: Through this method we want to cultivate awareness and urgency for mission-driven organizations. We can help support the methods, mission and goals of the non-profit.

    Leadership: We want to help you building cross-functional team of influencers.

    Strategy: Assist in guiding mission-driven organizations to reach their goal of helping their cause.

    Not only is non-profit consulting important for the overall structure of the organization, but a consultant can also provide a large sum of community awareness of the project they’re supporting.

    At Geranda Projects we believe building your network creates synergy and helps promote community awareness. Through identifying social networks that have value we can help you develop and build relationships with key stakeholders.

    We will guide you through awareness endeavors that include:
    • Advocating/Reinforcing your message
    • Building your network
    • Even architecture
    • Assisting in Public Relations Initiatives
    • Developing your “case for support”

    If you are looking for non-profit consulting near Peekskill, NY contact us today for more information on how we can help your organization!