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    Nonprofit Education in Westchester NY

    A partner for nonprofits
    Those folks who have devoted themselves to the cause of a nonprofit organization, either through personal experience or a passion for effort, often need to possess specific professional knowledge and skills, but lack the necessary background in management and leadership. Geranda Projects is the nonprofit education resource in Westchester County and surrounding areas for nonprofit consultation for developing and managing strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations.Geranda Projects helps prepare and support nonprofit managers by working with them to better navigate the landscape of running a nonprofit organization in Westchester County.

    Geranda can offer guidance in the elements of strategic management such as:
    • Assessment and Program Development
    • Mentoring – Providing the Tools to Succeed
    • Community Awareness and Social Enrichment
    • Board Engagement – Strengthening Not-for-Profit Boards

    Nonprofit Management for Success
    The American Society for Public Administration reports, “Nonprofit organizations are vital to addressing the social, economic, and educational needs of the public. Government agencies often have to deal with bureaucratic red tape that nonprofit organizations can typically avoid. Nonprofit organizations have been established to address a multitude of public problems that have been unaddressed or unmet. In today’s struggling economy, increasing numbers of people have become dependent on government assistance and nonprofit organizations. However, in order for nonprofit organizations to secure funding, to help individuals in need and to have successful outcomes, nonprofits must collaborate with many other entities and employ effective management techniques.”

    Geranda Projects offers its vast, integrated experience to develop, implement and manage fund development strategies for not-for-profit and community organizations. From implementing visionary plans to building organizational capacity and community awareness, we understand that organizations often need assistance or guidance to address these skill-intensive projects. We are ready to help build philanthropy and community relations from the very heart of your mission.

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